New Weird Australia

Neither one genre nor another, New Weird Australia is designed to challenge our collective understanding of what music can and should be. Established in 2009, it supports new, eclectic and experimental Australian music through a variety of evolving projects; including a long-running compilation series, podcasts and radio shows (FBi Radio, Resonance FM), live events and tours, and artist projects such as the Wood & Wire label and New Editions limited-run series. All releases are distributed free through Bandcamp and Soundcloud; and the podcast archive houses live recordings and interviews.

New Weird Australia, Fragile States (NWA022), 2022
New Weird Australia, Collapse Theories (NWA021), 2022
New Weird Australia, Essential Tremors (NWA023), 2022
New Weird Australia, Made Of Wood And Wire (Expanded Edition) (NWA020), 2021
New Weird Australia, Solitary Wave (Out) (NWA018B), 2020
New Weird Australia, Solitary Wave (In) (NWA018A), 2020
New Weird Australia, Passages, Volume Three (NWA017C), 2015
New Weird Australia, Passages, Volume Two (NWA017B), 2015
New Weird Australia, Passages, Volume One (NWA017A), 2015
New Weird Australia‚ the NOW now (NWA016), 2014
New Weird Australia, Rural, Regional & Remote (NWA015), 2014
New Weird Australia, Sixes And Twelves (NWA014), 2013
New Weird Australia, Broadcast Four (NWAB004), 2013
New Weird Australia vs Fallopian Tunes, Gloss & Moss (NWA013), 2012
New Weird Australia, Western Schism (NWA012), 2012
New Weird Australia, New Editions Sampled (NWA011), 2012
New Weird Australia, Broadcast Three (NWAB003), 2012
Unpopular Music 2011 (NWAUM003), 2011
New Weird Australia, Vox (NWA010), 2011
New Weird Australia, Bleak Metal (NWA009), 2011
New Weird Australia, We Are After All Here (NWA008), 2011
Unpopular Music 2010 (NWAUM002), 2010
New Weird Australia, Broadcast Two (NWAB002), 2010
New Weird Australia, The Sound Of Young Canberra (NWA007), 2010
New Weird Australia, Volume Six (NWA006), 2010
New Weird Australia, Volume Five (NWA005), 2010
New Weird Australia, Volume Four (NWA004), 2010
Unpopular Music 2009 (NWAUM001), 2009
New Weird Australia, Broadcast One (NWAB001), 2009
New Weird Australia, Volume Three (NWA003), 2009
New Weird Australia, Volume Two (NWA002), 2009
New Weird Australia, Volume One (NWA001), 2009

Solitary Wave, Launch Film (NWAF001), 2020

Western Schism Launch The Bakery, Perth with Craig Mcelhinney, Chris Cobilis, Erasers, James Ireland, Furchick, Sam Gillies, Gulls, Eleventeen Eston, Ourobonic Plague, Javier Frisco, Predrag Delibasic, Solar Barge, Salamnder, Brown, 2012
Filthy Children At The Sydney Fringe 5 Eliza, Sydney, 2012
Vagrant #8 Format, Adelaide with Holy Balm, Asps, Major Crimes, Beige Abrasion
Vagrant #7 Dada, Perth with Terrible Truths, Per Purpose, Gunns, Hamjam, 2012
Vagrant #6 Galleria, Perth with Per Purpose, Rites Wild, Doctopus, Craig Mcelhinney, 2012
Vagrant #5 Terrace Bar, Newcastle with Scattered Order, Dracopede, The Mermaids, 2012
Vagrant #4 The Waiting Room, Brisbane with No Anchor, The Rational Academy, Anonymeye Vs Ambrose Chapel, 2012
Vagrant #3 The Waiting Room, Brisbane with Talkshow Boy, Scraps, Feet Teeth, 2012
Vagrant #2 The Workers Club, Melbourne with Kane Ikin, Naps, Wooshie, Baba X, Zanzibar Chanel, 2012
Gloss Party The Mercat Basement, Melbourne with Call Me Professor, Speed Painters, Document Swell, Matthew Brown, Jacob Silver, 2012
Vagrant #1 Serial Space, Sydney with Guerre, Scissor Lock, Major Napier, 2012
The Low Light Social Childers Street, Canberra with Tetras, Kangaroo Skull, Kasha, Thomas William, Spartak, Danger Beach, Mornings, 2012
Analogue To Digital 7 Scitech, Perth with White Light / White Heat – Furchick, K Wilson, Brain Full Of Light, Craig Mcelhinney, Ourobonic Plague, No Hand Path, Scitech High Voltage Show, 2012
Unpopular Music Hardware & Dirty Shirlows, Sydney with Strange Forces, Zeahorse, Secret Birds, Scattered Order, Thomas William Vs Scissor Lock, Monolith, Anna Chase, Und, Djs Paul Gough, Jack Shit & Octopus Pi, 2011
New Weird Australia Live Black Wire, Sydney with Rites Wild, Black Vanilla & Pimmon, 2011
Tsh: Xviii The Silent Hour, Sydney with Spartak, Brain Drain, The Deadly Nightshades, 2011
New Weird Australia Live FBi Social, Sydney with Forenzics, Domeyko/gonzales, Jusgo Mosh, Robot House, 2011
New Weird Australia Live FBi Social, Sydney with The Sound Of Young Canberra With Savages, Kasha, Reuben Ingall, Shoeb Ahmad, 2011
New Weird Australia Live FBi Social, Sydney with Underlapper, Cleptoclectics Vs Scissor Lock, Edwin Montgomery, 2011
Axxonn National Tour Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Devonport, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne with Axxonn, Scattered Order, Breathing Shrine, Constant Light, Borgia, Oceans, Spheres, Duo, Ambrose Chapel, Die On Planes, Dot.ay, Erasers, Gilbert Fawn, Craig Mcelhinney, No Zu, Mystic Eyes, Peon, 2011
Unpopular Music Red Rattler, Sydney with Scattered Order, Stitched Vision, Cleptoclectics Vs Scissor Lock, Melodie Nelson, Mere Women, Tantrums, 2010
Sound Series Hardware Gallery, Sydney with Tailings, Aemon Webb, Dual Uzis, Lucia Draft, Blake Freele, Kim Ono, 2010
New Weird Australia Live Red Rattler, Sydney with Erasers, Anonymeye, Ambrose Chapel, Tr-10 (Lukasz Karluk & Gentleforce), 2010
Refraction Serial Space, Sydney with Tom Hall, Horse Macgyver, Kusum Normoyle, Jordan Dorjee, 2010
New Weird Australia Live St Petersburg, Sydney with Paint Your Golden Face, Alps, Caught Ship, Karoshi, 2010
Unpopular Music Red Rattler, Sydney with Pimmon & Jeff Burch, Kyu, Anna Chase, Anon, Scissor Lock, Nick Wishart, Kevin Purdy, Tim Ritchie, Tom Smith, 2009
New Weird Australia At Sound Summit Arthive / Renew Newcastle Church / Festival Club (Masons), Newcastle with Castings, Blastcorp, Gugg, Holy Balm, Alps, Kyu, Moonmilk, Lucia Draft, Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts, Brutal Hate Mosh, Go Genre Everything, Faux Pas, 2009

Photo by Marnie Vaughn,