New Editions

Created in 2012 for a limited-run, and rebooted in 2022, New Editions is an offshoot label from New Weird Australia with a parallel focus on albums and EPs from experimental Australian artists.

salllvage, lastwave (NWAED014), 2023
Sumn Conduit, Valve Is Released (NWAED013), 2023
Zacharias Szumer x Raung Jagat Synthetic, Synthetic Vocabulary Remixes (NWAED12), 2022
Pattern Recognition Machines, Nomad (NWAED11), 2022
Strange Forces, Strange Forces (NWAED10), 2012
Thomas William Vs Scissor Lock, Jewelz (NWAED09), 2012
Spartak, Nippon (NWAED08), 2012
Forenzics, Build Ruins (NWAED07), 2012
Kris Keogh, Processed Harp Works, Vol. 1 (NWAED06), 2012
No Zu, New Age EP (NWAED05), 2012
TANTRUMS, Anomie (NWAED04), 2012
Paneye, Lost In A Dark Aquarium (NWAED03), 2012
Blake Freele, Pins (NWAED02), 2012
Caught Ship, Start Dencing Dad, Start Dencing (NWAED01), 2012

Photo: Strange Forces at Unpopular Music 2011